Tribe Expeditions is a specialist operator organizing well mounted expeditions to Gilf Kebir plateaux, Uweinat Mountain and Great Sand Sea in Egypt. We prepare our cars , camping and navigation equipment specially to suite the long distance off road driving required to reach one of the most remote and unexplored parts of the Sahara desert.

Our interest in the desert started in 1995 and developed through the years, since 2001 the Gilf Kebir area was our prime concern. We have been participating in several expeditions in Egypt and Libya   following the early explorer’s traces with multiple objectives including searching for rock art sites, understanding Egypt prehistory and Venturing through unbeaten dunes. In 2005 we started to organize our own expeditions planning pioneer routes passing through the famous and historical sites plus exploring unknown parts of the desert on each expedition.

Expeditions Director :

Mahmoud Mohareb , Founder of Tribe Expeditions was born in Alexandria in 1975, studied mechanical engineering and working since 1999 as authorized dealer with ExxonMobil Egypt.Mahmoud was fascinated by the desert, its golden dunes and the Bedouin culture and later developed interest in desert exploration, rock art and prehistory.  He planes and joins all the expeditions and speaks English and French.

Photographing the uweinat mountain barberry sheep (January 2012 expedition)

Introducing first Arabic documentary movie about Gilf Kebir

Rock Art discovery in Uweinat Mountain (March2007 expedition)

Sunday times article (May 2006 expedition)

UPDATE : February   2013

2012-2013  Planned Expeditions

latest Galleries (Jan 2012 gallery)


Neil Griffiths
Egyptian revolution memorial


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