Tribe Expeditions is a new desert expeditions organizer specializing in the deserts of Egypt. Our interest in the oasis and desert fringes started in 1995 and developed through the years, since 2001 the gilf kebir area was our prime concern. We have been participating in several expeditions ( four in Egypt and one in Libya ) professionally organized following the early explorers traces and with multiple objectives including searching for rock art sites , exploring Egypt prehistory, investigating ww2 history ,venturing through unbeaten dunes ,and before that to get to know the deep desert environment.

During 2005/2006 we organized our own expeditions in terms of financing, planning and operation, three expeditions take place during which the current iternarys were designed and the current crew assembly was formed.

The crew:
Our crew are originally Bedouins they now work as desert guides and drivers, they are part of the environment and in a simple word the desert is home for them. They have sufficient experience in the deserts of Egypt, they are polite and helpful and still bare the once famous Bedouin hospitality.

Mahmoud Mohareb, founder of Tribe Expeditions was born in Alexandria in 1975, studied mechanical engineering and working since 1999 as authorized dealer with ExxonMobil Egypt. Mahmoud was fascinated by the desert, its golden dunes and the Bedouin culture and later developed interest in desert exploration, rock art and prehistory. He planes and joins all the expeditions as operation manger and literature, he speaks English and French.